Board of Elders

October 2016

          October is Pastor Appreciation Month, which raises a question:  What does it mean to appreciate your pastor?

          It's a question that this summer's Higher Things conference made me think about more. Pastor George Borghardt, the president of Higher Things, reminded the youth and adult leaders that week to "Love Our Pastors".  Cheerfully receiving the gifts God has given to us is the best way to show our love and appreciation for pastor.

          Pastors have a unique and blessed calling to preach God's Word and administer the sacraments to their congregations. They do this to the glory of God and we, the members of the church, are blessed to have the opportunity to receive God's unmatched gifts.

          If someone prepares a meal for you or wants to give you a gift, would you feel it is important to properly receive and accept those things and express your thankfulness? There is no meal that has the saving forgiveness of the Lord's Supper.  There is no gift that compares to the Word of God that is faithfully preached and taught to us by our pastor.  

          Love your pastor this month, and every month, by hearing the words he is called to preach and receiving the sacraments he is called to administer.  There is no greater appreciation than that.

 Matthew Olson – Elder